Support the charity Dust Bag Ladies with VEST!

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Do you change your wardrobe to suit the seasons and store your woollen sweaters or cardigans somewhere safe? Or do you often take your VEST favourite with you when you go out? With every online purchase of a woollen sweater or cardigan, we have recently started giving you a free protective fabric bag by the Dust Bag Ladies, a project close to our heart.

In the Indian village of Bhatpao, most girls marry between the ages of twelve and fourteen, and start having children not much later. When they get older, their husband leaves them andthe children. Their families also distance themselves from them because single motherhood is shameful in their culture.

 The Dust Bag Ladies project offers these girls an honest wage and a four to five-hour working day during which they make a maximum of 35 fabric bags. That leaves them time to look after their children. While the young mothers are at work, the children play near the house or factory and the eldest children look after the younger ones.

 We are particularly pleased that we can contribute to these young women’s future with our protective bags. It is a way for them to learn to stand up for themselves and to earn their own living. We hope to make a difference with this supportive model for trade.

 Buy your next woollen sweater or cardigan from our online shop and join us in supporting these young women.

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